01 June 2012

We Love Brave and Bold Women!

Everyone here at the Flying B Ranch can't get enough of women, especially those from the WB epic BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD show!

Our next big challenge is to make three characters from the show.

Who are we making next?
As part of the fun, we leave you with three clues to their identities:

Mystery Woman #1 is priceless.

Mystery Woman #2 had no credited voice actress from her appearance in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD.

In her first B&B appearance, Mystery Woman #3 stated: "I dig, Batman!  Besides, I can't often control the direction of my strange mutant power!"


  1. 1. Platinum
    2. Talia
    3. Elasti Girl

  2. Hmmmmm, interesting.

    If I ever did The Lovely Miss Farr, she'd need to tower over everyone else.

    Still, 33% right isn't bad!

  3. She would...

    Okay, I may have all this to cock and could have easily been a fan boy anecdote that I read somewhere but I'm going to say mystery woman #2: Hippolyta. Was the voice done by Lynda Carter??

    And mystery woman #3: Black Canary? in the musical episode, with the sonic scream?