22 December 2014

Countdown to Christmas Day 5: Holiday Knights

Everyone has a favorite Batman.

Mine is the animated show from the Nineties.
The show had wonderful production values, mixing deco art style with a dark color palette.  The writing nailed a ton of Gotham's finest characters, often employing comic writers to base episodes on their fan-favorite issues.  The assembled cast of voice talent (Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as The Joker) lead by director Andrea Romano just made it... perfect.
And the designs.  Ah, the designs.
Several years into production, the art team lead by Bruce Timm and Glen Murakami completely re-did their character designs in THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES.  Soft lines were completely eliminated, the color palette was reduced, and designs were minimalist.
Thank goodness there were toys.
KENNER made most of Batman's Rogues, with only a few missing favorites, including Clayface and Poison Ivy.  Thankfully, I found some online resin kits to make up for the absence.
My favorite New Adventures episode, you ask? HOLIDAY KNIGHTS, which was three episodes in one:
As a starter, Batgirl is holiday shopping when she notices some kids acting up.  Turns out they're all Clayface.

The kit arrived and weighed a ton..

 In the second story, Poison Ivy and gal pal Harley Quinn use mind control lipstick to take Bruce Wayne’s bank accounts for a holiday shopping spree.


Finally, an exhausted Batman beats the Joker on New Year's Eve and toasts with Commissioner Gordon. 

Just a few more figures to finish off the main set.
I think we have a great Christmas to look forward to...
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19 December 2014

Countdown to Christmas Day 7: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

What's a blog site about Batmobiles writing on Christmas topics gonna do?

It shouldn't come as a surprise that my childhood favorite BATMAN artists all came from the Fifties. Shelly Moldoff's boxy figures, Lew Sayre Schwartz's inky faces, and Dick Sprang's ...

...well, everything.

Dick Sprang designed my favorite Batmobile model and is the subject of today's holiday greeting card.  The 1950 Batmobile model kit from HORIZON is the best model out there, bar none.  I have written before about the fun of building this kit and I urge everyone to try and find one.

I wanted to do something as a holiday diorama and realized I had no idea how to make a diorama.  In fact, all I knew about staging scenes was from my tour of a Hollywood back lot, which was pretty much NEVER LET THEM SEE THE HORIZON and HEDY LAMARR SELLS TICKETS.

Christmas magic debunked: Holiday ruined
I grabbed my BATMAN RETURNS BATCAVE COMMAND CENTER, which has the Penguin's Arctic Lair as a scale back piece and tried to make an alley-way store entrance based on some screen shots from... BATMAN RETURNS.

The Gotham Alley actually came together pretty quickly with two types of sheet styrene, with a little foam core around the edges to promote the illusion of depth.  More foam core was used as a street and sidewalk.


The big purchases for this build?  A 1/24 scale battery operated street lamp and a jar of artificial snow.  The snow nicely hid the street lamp wire and forgave all sins regarding the foam core.  Some spare parts were quickly glued together to approximate a tire jack.

I played around with a prop that really cemented the visual for The Joker line of the rhyme.  I sliced off the head of a PVC animated Joker figure, located a spare spring from the parts box, and made a box out of sheet styrene.  Some lead weight held it all down.

The final detail was lighting.  As you can see, the flash blew out "the magic" of the diorama.  Lighting that came from opposite the street lamp made no logical sense as well.  It took a while to get a lamp at the right distance to support the street lamp.

Flash floods everything
Light from the wrong direction sucks too
After 10 blurred shots, we get a good one.  Time to buy a tripod.
Finally, a little cropping and post-production smearing of the edges:


Finally, I spent 13 months agonizing over font.  After careful deliberations, I selected Black Chancery.

I'm glad I can make the tough decisions.
Have a cool yule from the Flying Batmobile Ranch!

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17 December 2014

Countdown to Christmas Day 9: All I want is an Andy Suriano O.M.A.C.!

You can't go wrong with the BATMAN BRAVE AND BOLD animated show.  30 minutes of action, adventure, and fun.  Batman usually teams up with 2 characters from the DC Comics Universe and the character selection can be ... diverse.

O.M.A.C. was a 1970's Jack Kirby-created science fiction comic where grey-man Buddy Blank is transformed into the powerhouse One Man Army Corps, who receives logistical support from a computer satellite, Brother Eye.  I always thought O.M.A.C. was an awesome idea.  In many ways, I dig him as a dystopian Superman.  As of December 2014, Ryan Carey is writing a great deconstruction of the series at Sequart.  In it, he reveals OMAC was Kirby's vision of a futuristic Captain America.  That kinda blows my mind and I see it.  I love this book. 

Andy Suriano is an Emmy award winning animator, who has a long-time love for Jack Kirby comics.  And Plastic Man.  He drew a few issues of the BATMAN BRAVE AND BOLD comic.  I made him a Kamandi figure here.  He agrees with me that Kirby is King:

When Warner Bros released the 7-figure Justice League set in the Brave and Bold style, I took one look at that Superman figure and knew what to do:

I used a series of high gloss metallic flake paints to give OMAC the sheen that Kirby's artwork portrays.  I make his chest symbol have a gem ala ULTRA MAN, 'cuz it looks great.

Do yourself a favor this holiday- grab the OMAC comic, read Ryan's great essays, and get your mind right- KIRBY IS KING!



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15 December 2014

Countdown to Christmas Day 11: Chris Burnham's Batwing

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It's getting to be that time of the year, here at the Flying Batmobile Ranch.  The holidays are coming and with it, the wish list of kick ass Batman toys that never got made.  We all loved that Grant Morrison's BATMAN INC so much, the boys hunkered down and made up a bunch of the figures that got lost on the way to the toy shelf, like El Gaucho or the super-cool Batman of Japan by that talented kid Chris Burnham.

This year, they decided to make Chris' character, "Batwing, the Batman of Africa".  The best part of Batwing is that he originally appeared in a great 70's classic BATMAN story, "THE BATMAN NOBODY KNOWS" (BATMAN #250).

Bruce Wayne takes a couple of Gotham kids out camping (don't ask) and they all sit around the campfire, telling tall tales of what they think the Batman really is.  This guy is right on target:


Grant Morrison liked that Dick Giordano artwork so much, he had Chris mix it into the BATMAN INC story and boom:

Now we're talking.  Chris certainly took most of the design from this one page and integrated it into the armored Bat-suit the character wore:

"Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Shaft, and Super-Fly all rolled into one!"

"Sweet Christmas!"

Batman, Inc

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