15 December 2014

Countdown to Christmas Day 11: Chris Burnham's Batwing

Our 12th Day of Christmas countdown is here.

It's getting to be that time of the year, here at the Flying Batmobile Ranch.  The holidays are coming and with it, the wish list of kick ass Batman toys that never got made.  We all loved that Grant Morrison's BATMAN INC so much, the boys hunkered down and made up a bunch of the figures that got lost on the way to the toy shelf, like El Gaucho or the super-cool Batman of Japan by that talented kid Chris Burnham.

This year, they decided to make Chris' character, "Batwing, the Batman of Africa".  The best part of Batwing is that he originally appeared in a great 70's classic BATMAN story, "THE BATMAN NOBODY KNOWS" (BATMAN #250).

Bruce Wayne takes a couple of Gotham kids out camping (don't ask) and they all sit around the campfire, telling tall tales of what they think the Batman really is.  This guy is right on target:


Grant Morrison liked that Dick Giordano artwork so much, he had Chris mix it into the BATMAN INC story and boom:

Now we're talking.  Chris certainly took most of the design from this one page and integrated it into the armored Bat-suit the character wore:

"Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Shaft, and Super-Fly all rolled into one!"

"Sweet Christmas!"

Batman, Inc

Countdown Day 10 is here.

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