17 December 2014

Countdown to Christmas Day 9: All I want is an Andy Suriano O.M.A.C.!

You can't go wrong with the BATMAN BRAVE AND BOLD animated show.  30 minutes of action, adventure, and fun.  Batman usually teams up with 2 characters from the DC Comics Universe and the character selection can be ... diverse.

O.M.A.C. was a 1970's Jack Kirby-created science fiction comic where grey-man Buddy Blank is transformed into the powerhouse One Man Army Corps, who receives logistical support from a computer satellite, Brother Eye.  I always thought O.M.A.C. was an awesome idea.  In many ways, I dig him as a dystopian Superman.  As of December 2014, Ryan Carey is writing a great deconstruction of the series at Sequart.  In it, he reveals OMAC was Kirby's vision of a futuristic Captain America.  That kinda blows my mind and I see it.  I love this book. 

Andy Suriano is an Emmy award winning animator, who has a long-time love for Jack Kirby comics.  And Plastic Man.  He drew a few issues of the BATMAN BRAVE AND BOLD comic.  I made him a Kamandi figure here.  He agrees with me that Kirby is King:

When Warner Bros released the 7-figure Justice League set in the Brave and Bold style, I took one look at that Superman figure and knew what to do:

I used a series of high gloss metallic flake paints to give OMAC the sheen that Kirby's artwork portrays.  I make his chest symbol have a gem ala ULTRA MAN, 'cuz it looks great.

Do yourself a favor this holiday- grab the OMAC comic, read Ryan's great essays, and get your mind right- KIRBY IS KING!



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