25 May 2013

A Brave and Bold Man of Steel? Super Idea!

All the Buckaroos at the Flying Batmobile Ranch love us some BATMAN BRAVE AND BOLD cartoons.  The only thing better is a hot plate of new Brave and Bold figures.  Sure enough, the fine folks at TARGET complied with our requests and released a whole new lineup of figures...

... with no hex bolts!

New and Improved BRAVE AND BOLD figures!

It sure looks like a big box of fun.  The only problem?

They got the costumes wrong.

"nU 52" and "Superman Returns" Figures

The first Superman figure produced was based on the drab color palette from SUPERMAN RETURNS.  This new "Justice League" version has a darker blue and has big mistakes about the costume (The Man of Tomorrow lost his super-trunks!).  Thankfully, we all here at the Ranch have a big stack of ACTION COMICS and were happy to get 'em just right!

A classic Superman!

Superman debuts our new experimental Plasti-Cape technology.  We're very happy with this prototype and hope to do much more with the process.

Will you believe a man can fly or that a comic book could be fun?

Four down, four to go!

Who's next up from the box?


  1. Looks awesome! if only this was the way they originally released the figures.

    I wonder why they suddenly a) invested in re-tooling to avoid the hex holes and b) re-started a line that seemed dead in the first place. Ah well, a nice surprise either way.

  2. Is the cape the polymorph granules??

  3. How much is that set and are they easy to get hold of?

    That line up would really suit JD, esp as I'm sure the release of new Superman film will sell Supes to him.

  4. Yes the cape is the first go with the granules. A big mess, but lots of potential!

    The set is 50 Bucks American. Cyborg is the box set special, but they sell them separately as well.

  5. Rod, Superman came out great, in no small part due to your art direction!

    I went with the George Reeves symbol. My favorite.

    I have no idea why someone brought Brave and Bold back to life, but I'm loving it. Bring on Captain Marvel!

  6. Awesome classic Superman. And yes, bring on Captain Marvel, Gentleman Ghost, and the Faceless Hunter (although Mattel won't do it for some reason).

  7. Thanks, CAL. I agree!

  8. I'm glad you are finding some use for them. They can get a little problematic when over heated. I'm using them to make flowers around knitted copper wire. I'll send pix if I ever get it finished.

    I do love what you are doing with these guys, they are super fun. You're right to have gone with that S.

    Love it!

  9. Correcting Flash and Green Lantern would be pretty easy, but Im more a JSA fan, so I'm torn.

  10. Next up is Pretty Bird!

  11. It strikes me that JSA Flash and GL or Guy Gardiner and Wally West of the JLI were more featured