21 February 2014

A Brave and Bold Valentine v2.0

Digging that ARROW show?    We've written about our love for the Emerald Archer here and were very excited to see a familiar face make an appearance on the show: The Black Canary!
The Black Canary might be one of DC COMICS' best characters who has survived over 70 years of publication.  She was a featured character in the BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD show and she was one of the first female characters we made for the show here.
The challenge of our Brave and Bold female figure sculpt is what to do with that outstretched arm: originally meant as a Catwoman figure showing off her claws, we tried having The Canary hold her old mask with it.  Still, there's always room for improvement...
We've played around and decided to try a hands-on-hips sculpt! Additionally, we decided to go for glossy boots and leather jacket.  The Black Canary is so much fun, we just had to make her twice.

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