08 February 2011

Comic Art Tuesday: Golden Age Batman

There's already been a bit of writing about the original design of Bob Kane's Bat-Man, and how much he was influenced by Bill Finger's bat-related revisions.  Needless to say, it worked.

Steve Leiber, of WHITEOUT fame, did this homage to the cover of DETECTIVE COMICS #27.  Clearly, Steve is a man who is not afraid of ink.

Michael Lark, from my favorite GOTHAM CENTRAL book, tore the roof off the joint with this amazing commission.  Clearly inspired by the classic BATMAN movie serials, I love his use of shadow and textures in this picture.



  1. Oh! nobody should be afraid of ink. The big black line is a beautiful thing.

    The Steve Leiber piece is gorgeous! I haven't read Whiteout. Know his name but can't place him.

    Did he work on Hawkman at one point?

    Michael Lark I have a commission from and is one of the few I have on the wall. I agree he has an outstanding use of creating texture but still being very bold with those big black lines!!

  2. When is it 'comic art Tuesday' again?

    Do you have anything by M.W Kaluta?