23 February 2012

BRAVE AND BOLD needs women!!

It wasn't lost to any of the caballeros at the Flying Batmobile Ranch that the BATMAN BRAVE AND BOLD action figure line was a little .... lonely.  Sure, there were plenty of bad guys to punch and cool gadgets to stick where ever, but that's not the end-all be-all of two-fisted crime fighting.

Crime fighting is also about them women.

That's why the eggheads in the labs miles below our ranch came to their conclusion:  If MATTEL wasn't going to make Female Action Figures (and they weren't), we were.

And we did.

We began with our mission statement:  To make a woman that would fit the scale and spirit of our modified BRAVE AND BOLD show male figures.   That meant:

1) Scale wise, the female figure had to look proportionate to the male figures in height and size.
2) The figure would need to be a standard "buck" that could be slightly modified for different female characters, similar to the method MATTEL used for the male figures.
3) No damn hex plugs!

Next, we began searching the pegs and the internet to see if there was anything out there that could give us a leg up.  After months of poking around, we finally found her:

Our Patron Figure

She wasn't cheap, but The Batman Selina Kyle figure had minimal detailing in the sculpt, allowing for a generic body type that could be modified to fit most of the B&B characters we wanted.

Our next step was to carefully remove the sculpted collar from the figure and create a series of molds:

Boxing Selina (someone call Fred Hembeck!)

With about 30 fl oz of rubber, we made everything we needed to populate Gotham.

Get Ready,

Get Set,



  1. That's a purrr-fect base.

    This is so fun!! Really looking forward to seeing what you can do with this.

  2. Thanks! The plan is to do a lot!

  3. Yay!, that would look fab!!

  4. First body cast came out great!

  5. I can't wait to see WIP pics!!!!!!!!!!!