15 February 2012

GIVEAWAY: And The Winner Is...


as requested by "TotalToyz" 

The buckaroos here at the Flying Batmobile Ranch received 20 valid ballots for the Custom Brave and Bold Female Figure Giveaway.

Hands down, the most requested character was Catwoman (5 total unique votes).

Second place was Batwoman with four unique votes.  Huntress and Black Canary tied for Third with two unique votes each.

Votes were also placed for a great variety of DC's Super Ladies, Mera, Platinum, Phantom Lady, and Black Orchid.

The twenty ballots were placed into a cowl so that one lucky winner could be selected.

Each week, we will post progress notes with the creation of this super-awesome action figure!

Batteries to power,

Turbines to speed!


  1. Congrats TotalToyz!!

  2. TotalToyz will need to send me his contact info for shipping!

  3. Congrats TotalToyz.Enjoy.I'm sure it will look sweet.

  4. I won!! I won!! I won!!!

    You like me!! You really like me!!!

  5. Take it easy there, Betty White.

    Thank you for a great character nomination!