09 June 2013

Look, up in the sky: It's a bat! It's a plane! It's a Bat Plane!

In all of the stacks of old comics the cowpokes would leave behind at the ranch, we couldn't get enough of this ad:

Aurora model advertisement (1966)
The Batplane model was a "holy grail" of un-obtainable model kits, practically unheard of at flea markets and dealer conventions... until it was republished by the Polar Lights company.

Batplane (Polar Lights, 2002)
The Batplane model was likely based off the "Batplane II", the jet fighter that Batman flew from 1950-1963.  With slight artistic variation, the model is very accurate.

Batman No 146 (March, 1962)
Over the years, many hobbyists have painted the batplane model according to their own interpretation.  Mostly blue, some black.  Sometimes they use red pin striping a la the George Barris TV Batmobile.

We decided to throw our cowl in the ring, too:

Our rendition of the Batplane (2013)

We kept with the comic-inspired dark blue (in high gloss, of course) with matte black bat head motif.  The Barris-inspired decals were used, but with a USAF nod.  Red pinstripes?  You bet, but in a new way that also made the bat head pop.

The Polar Lights Batplane (2013) 

And Chrome.  Planes fly faster in chrome.

Scalloped Atomic Bat-Landing Struts?  Check!
If Adam West and Burt Ward ever needed to get supersonic, this would have been the thing.





  1. I think I want that.

    I'll have to take your word for the dark blue though, 'cause it sure looks black from where I'm reclining...

    Awesome work, D.

  2. Thanks, Eli!

    The kit is still very affordable in the states. Let me know if you want me to find it for you!

    It's "Midnight Blue", which looks black in some lighting. It's my favorite "Batman Blue"...

  3. I might take you up on that!