14 August 2011

The Great Batmobile Blog Build Off WEEK 2!

Revell's Dune Buggy chassis
It's our second week of the Frank Quitely Batmobile Blog Build off with The History of the Batmobile website and we're starting with the chassis assembly.

Again, my idea is to start with a platform and build up, fabricating most if not all of the body.

I had ordered full moon hubcaps, but when they arrived I found out that they are too large to sit into the wheel.  I will have to trim them down so that they go into the wheel base.

Engine canopy Phase I
The week was a great deal of trial and error, using a variety of plaster easter eggs to get the general shape of the body.  I finally found one that made me happy.  Ironically, it's the top half of a plastic egg!

I will create a scaffolding for it out of styrene tubing and tenax.  I need to go digging for several nozzles to make the jet engines.

Rear view phase I
At this point, I'm not sure if I will use the original floor pan.  Based on the diameter of the egg, it will need to be extended.  Certainly, I would extend the axle as well.  I will wait until I fabricate the rear fenders and dorsal fins to make that decision.

The nicest surprise of the week was an email from a reader from the UK.  The Eaglemoss company has made a small replica of this Batmobile and James S. sent me a picture of the blueprint!  I think I know what I want for Christmas!

 The blueprint and photos are supercool and super helpful.  Thanks, James!

Eaglemoss Batmobile blueprint
Tune in next week,

Same Bat Time,

Same Bat Blog!

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  1. How's this going? I've checked out your friends blog too! :)