20 August 2011

The Great Batmobile Blog Build Off WEEK 3!

This week, all the boys here at the Flying Batmobile Ranch were put to work to get a major milestone accomplished: Getting the main body built with the windscreen cut out.

Try this, Cooper!
Last week, we started shaping the rear end of the body, using a larger-sized plastic egg.  After the second try, the best fit was actually from the top, leading half of the egg shape.

Having the chassis built allow us to realize that one egg would not be sufficient to cover the length of the car.  The next step was to find an intermediary piece of plastic for the mid-body.


Turns out, the base of the egg was actually the best idea.  As you can see, the base (in orange) allowed for a perfect replication of the over shape of the mid body.  The tapered half of a third egg then was used to create the front end of the body.

After connecting the pieces with tape, the bat shape was drawn onto the plastic and cut out with industrial sheers.  The edges will need finishing and cleaning.

Stage I body work

The completion of the body shape made me focus on how the chassis and body integrated, which led me to conclude that the chassis needed modification before moving on.  The rear axle needs to be widened slightly.  Significantly, the front axle should be as wide as the rear, and the fat rear tires need to be replicated for the front end.

Obviously, the body requires the front axle slots to be cut.  My thought was to get the chassis set first and then figure out where to cut the body.

Remember old chum:

  Measure twice,
  Batusi once.

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  1. It's really starting to come together, love that you've used a plastic egg for the body. Fun stuff!!!