04 August 2011

The Great Batmobile Blog Build Off!

My 'net buddy Spencer1984 hosts the amazing Batmobile History website, THE definitive reference for all of the Dark Knight's many cars. We share the passion of fabricating the many Batmobiles that never made it in 1/25 model scale.  Would decided to have a celebration of all things Batmobile with a blog build off!

The decision was to build the Batmobile from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's amazing BATMAN AND ROBIN!  Sure, it helps that it flies, but it's a very fresh approach to the design.

Batman & Robin vol 1 (2010)
Frank tossed out most conventions and showed us a grey and red car.  It works:

Sketchbook of Frank Quitely (2010)
Plus, this baby flies!

Sketchbook of Frank Quitely (2010)
I think it's a wonderful look and makes me think of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.  It also makes me think California and the Meyers Manx:

I grabbed the Revell dune buggy kit off the net and started with the chassis and interior.  I like the wheel base and plan on keeping it.

I'm using the fenders as an approximate for the Quitely sculpt.  If at all possible, I would like to keep some of the original styrene as the under structure for the new fenders.  The dorsal fins will be fabricated from sheet styrene.  Ahh, that damn bubble canopy?  That's a whole 'nother story...

Full moon headers on ordered and on their way so that we can build up the basics.  

It's time to break out the curves!

Same Bat Time,

Same Bat Blog!

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  1. That is one funky design but quite appealing. Your friend has a great site there!! Interesting stuff!!