01 April 2011

The Saga of the Golden Age Bat-Mite: Fini

After Pops rendered his front end of the Bat Mite, I went to work getting the body shell completed.  First up was getting the number done.  I took my best guess on the font and created the decal using Word and custom decal paper.  To make life easy on myself, I coloured the inside of the "0" using the computer.

Next up was the bat head on the front grille.  After getting the two-tone colours finished, it was easy to tape up the bat head.  It turned out rounder than I had imagined, given the curve of the front end, but it looked great.  We hadn't considered the "V" shaped front bars, but it still looks like a Batmobile!

The Bat Mite
The biggest challenge was the bat symbol.  I computer generated a white circle with black border and then attached the custom decal.  Using a PITT pen, I carefully inked in the bat symbol.  The hood vents didn't make this easy, but I think it worked.

It's remarkable how little car is around the driver.  You were really exposed when throwing one of these around a dirt track!

Finally, the kit came with a trailer and I couldn't resist doing it up in the midnight blue I use for my Golden Age Batmobiles.  I had created a car based on Dick Sprang's work from 1949 and it matches the timeline of this Kurtis Midget perfectly!  A nice use of blue and yellow throughout both cars!

Can't you just see Batman pulling up to the track on a Saturday night?

Now, do I make one for The Boy Wonder....


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  2. Whey hey hey!! That looks great. The Bat symbol and the vents HAS worked! And the curve of the Bat head on the grille looks really cool.

    Lovely Batmobile and with the added trailer.. is a nice touch.

    I can see Bats doing that on Sat night say with the likes of Linda Page cheering from the sidelines!! ;)

    I think seeing Robins would be a nice companion to this.

    Last week I was in a cafe and on the wall there was all kinds of different photos and I am sure one of them was a midget racer. I tried to get a pic of it to show you but my battery on my phone was too low... maybe next time?

    Is a PITT pen like a brush pen?

    (I know... I did it again with the comment thing.. Sorry!! I wish they had an 'edit' button?)

  3. I've seen this kit at the hobby store but had not considered building one...then I saw the finished racer on the trailer. Thanks, now I'll have to pick up one of these!

  4. You'll have a blast doing it! Try the Offenhauser!